I can vouch for an autopilot, I installed a trio into my kitfox before a
very long XC and it made things much easier (if not too easy). That said, I
had to disengage it 30 mins before each destination to regain a feel for
the plane. But I had low hours in it at the time. A later update allowed me
to set a min airspeed in climb profile so it didnt try to climb against a
downdraft/mountain wave and stall or overtemp.

Make sure there is no binding of anything when done.

Also, once I accidentally bumped the altitude hold button in some light
chop, didnt realize it, and thought I had a control problem! I even worked
out a plan to slowly descend to farmland ahead, then realized what

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 11:15 PM Jeff York via KRnet <krnet@list.krnet.org>

> I definitely want to add this to my KR. Not real excited about redoing my
> panel but to have an autopilot for allowing some sense of security and
> fatigue relief is a great idea even if its simply for limited hands off
> relaxation while reading a sectional. Because yes, even with autopilot I
> follow along on a sectional as I think many other do as well.
> I
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