I am not sure what the Dynon Skyview or D-10 & D-100 box costs but these servos 
work with either and are $750.00 each. Need one servo for wing leveler or add 
one more to have pitch control. If you have purchased the correct Dynon box, it 
automatically becomes an autopilot I think their web page explains, just need 
the servos to do the physical work. While the servos are working, you can TEXT 
all your friends and tell them how much fun you are having flying your KR 😜

Check it out here:

Larry H

> Mike Stirewalt via KRnet <krnet@list.krnet.org> wrote:
> As Phil in Australia suggests, a wing leveler should be a really simple
> thing to install.  TruTrak was planning on offering an autopilot for
> $1000 that consisted of using high quality radio control aircraft
> technology.  (They cancelled this idea eventually.)  I think a really
> inexpensive and uncomplicated set-up could be put together.  The KR
> itself was born from the radio control model airplane world so some
> research into RC autopilots/wing levelers ought to present some ideas. 
> It wouldn't be something that would handle rough air but for just
> cruising along, hooking up a 12 volt solid state roll sensor and an RC
> servo connected to an aileron cable might be workable.  
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