When I built the engine mount for my SuperCub I prepped it, shot it with a 
Polyester based two part primer, then used an Acrylic Urethane black finish 
coat.  It's tough as nails.  In the future, I would paint the mount white.  
White painted mounts are much easier to inspect as they will show hairline 
cracks long before they become an issue.  It is difficult to detect cracks in 
black paint.  Powder coating will hold together even if the mount is cracked 
underneath making crack detection almost impossible during inspection.  For 
many years, powder coating was not recommended for motor mounts, but I have 
never heard of a failure due to undetected cracks.

Maybe you're a much better welder than me and cracks aren't a concern, but I 
like to be able to do good visual inspections when I annual the plane.  My 
recommendation is to prep, use a high quality two part primer, and a good 
quality paint.

-Jeff Scott

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As I mentioned before my initial weight and balance  came out ok.  I don't need 
to reposition my engine.I'm looking at options of painting my engine mount. I 
know powder coating is an option but I don't know anything about it and is 
relatively expensive.  Does anyone have any suggestions. 

Paul ViskBelleville Il.618-406-4705

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