Brian,  I get it all the time also.  Wife's, theyjust don't understand the 
importance of what we are doing. 😁

Paul ViskBelleville Il.618-406-4705

Powder coating is much better and will never come off or scratch, but is 
expensive.  Fortunately for me my neighbor is friends with the guy that owns 
our local powder coat shop.
As Larry said, rattle can paint can work good also.  When I paint metal parts I 
use engine enamel in a spray can and I bake it on after it is dry which really 
toughens it up.  Wife got mad when she caught me using the kitchen oven and 
making the house smell and literally drug the oven out the front door so now I 
use a heat gun or at least make sure she won't be home before the smell goes 


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