I screwed that up, so to clarify:

Sparky wrote:

>>I had the same problem in my KR-2 that I built in 1982 using shell epon and vesimid hardner. The fiberglass lining fell to the bottom of the tank causing fuel starvation so, I relined the tank and went to 100 low lead and it was ok. <<

Epon and Versamid are what Rand Robinson sent me in the early nineties as their standard "laminating" epoxy, so there are likely a LOT more tanks that were made out of this stuff, so beware to folks who don't know what their tanks are made of. I quit using it after my first big layup, the horizontal stab (I believe it was), which turned my arms bright red and made them itch like crazy. I wore latex gloves at the time, so it was fumes alone that caused that allergic reaction.

Mark Langford

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