(Reposting as I sent this yesterday & it didn't seem to make it through to
the list.)
The primary idea behind our effort to send USPS-mailed invitations for the
2018 MVN KR Gathering to the actively registered KR owners was to reach out,
exactly like you suggest. The FAA only provides postal addresses for the
owners of these aircraft. No phone numbers or email addresses.
Unfortunately, we received a very poor response rate to these direct
mailings. I still think the outreach effort was worth it as I know we gained
a few new members of this mailing list.
Bottom-line; I don't know if the owners who didn't respond aren't interested
in expanding their circle of friends (or KR nuts like us!) or what. I do
know the number of returned/ undeliverable pieces was proportionally low;
about 5%.
I'm open to other ideas. Fire away.
John Bouyea
N5391M/ KR2
2015-2019 Web Dude

On October 3, 2018 at 6:40 PM Mike Sylvester via KRnet <
krnet@list.krnet.org> wrote: 
<<Any Ideas ??? What if we each took a list of the planes in a 200 mile
radius and made it a point to call and plan a day visit?>> 
Mike Sylvester

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