Also, in regard to the "Radio Problems", my Radio in N6399U went out
(failed mid flight coming home from Hattiesburg MS).  Was going to ask
politely, if anybody has a recommendation on a good replacement radio.  I
currently have an TKM MX11, and was just going to order another unit,
however if there are better units out there (and I'm sure there are, I am
just not "too familiar with avionics), I would love to hear what you all
have to say.  I will be using a handheld in the meantime.

On Sun, Oct 14, 2018 at 3:26 PM Samuel Spanovich <>

> Hello all, I apologize for the slow reply back, but I've had a busy week
> this week. To everybody who welcomed me to the community in the last post,
> thank you so much to all the support, and I will personally get back with
> each and every one of you here shortly!
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