Hey Mark,
I don't know if you said what you had decided on for equipment. Since you said 
ADS-bout I am assuming that you are doing the ipad thing for in stuff. I have 
not done a check on the government web site for mine since coming home from Sun 
n fun last year. If i remember correctly the last leg home of a couple hours 
had something like a 20% error. I was thinking I might have to move one or more 
antennas around again but I think I need to do a couple more flights that are 
verified as probably 45min of the flight I checked were under 1000' agl and the 
signal would be in question anyway.

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I also worked on my ADS-b installation today, since the fly-in lunch was 
scrubbed.  I didn't make a bit of physical progress, but walked away 
with a half page of notes of best locations for the components, things 
that needed to be done (and how), and some homework for this week.  I'm 
hoping to get it all installed and tested next weekend.  I have a bad 
habit of flying through MOAs, over class B and C airspace, and over 
10,000', so it's a must if I don't want to spend a lot of time flying 
around stuff....

Mark Langford

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