Lee Shook wrote:

>>the prop on this aircraft is a 52 x 46 and on the ground it will statically rev to 3040 RPM and I’m just wondering is there any concerns of running this 2100 vw 3200 RPM for cruise?<<

That sounds exactly like what N891JF does, using a Sterba 54x52 prop on it. I usually fly at 9,500' or 10,500' turning about 3050 to 3200 rpm, depending on whether or not I'm in a hurry. The faster I run the engine, the more oil mist is generated from the "Force One" prop seal. It's not a big deal, but after about three hours at wide open throttle there's just enough mist on the canopy to notice a little haze. I'm not in the mood to pull the prop flange off to change the seal, so 3050 rpm is what I usually try to fly at.

Mark Langford

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