I’ve ran two different propellers on my 2100D. The first one was a Culver 
54”x48” (diameter x pitch), and was a decent prop.  It gave me about 3100-3200 
RPM static with a stock engine. However while the climb rate was outstanding 
(almost 900-1000 fpm sustained when solo), the cruise speed was not. I only 
averaged around 104-105 Knots TAS at 3000-3100 RPM.  In addition, because it 
ran at a fairly high RPM, the oil temperatures ran fairly high, even with the 
Revmaster oil cooler. 

The 2nd prop I tried (and am still using) is a Sterba 54”x54”, which I feel is 
the ideal prop for this engine, whether the engine is bone stock or upgraded 
for some extra power. At 3000-3100 this prop currently gives me 110-112 knots 
TAS in cruise, and about ~118-120 knots at 3200 RPM.  The climb rate is also 
very comparable to the lower pitched Culver. With a stock engine, I usually 
averaged around 700-800 fpm (compared to the 900-1000 with the Culver) so it 
definitely wasn’t quite as good, but the big increase in cruise speed was well 
more than worth it to me. In addition, the oil temperatures were much more 
under control (30-40F cooler) since there was much more airflow through the 
cowling, at a lower RPM.  

To answer your original question, I have searched and searched and searched 
some more for an in-flight adjustable propeller for the 2100D, and I still 
haven’t one. However after running the Sterba, unless you’re really itching for 
that extra climb rate and cruise speed that an in flight adjustable prop 
offers, I haven’t felt the need to look any further. 

Hope this offers some insight.  


Sam Spanovich
74S, Anacortes WA 

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