John Mason said, 

"I will go one further and offer 81JM as a test bed to anyone who can put
together a credible plan to electrify her. She is currently flying with
basic instruments working."

That's a generous offer and surely will be of interest to any number of
innovators in the electric world.  Poking through the forums on that
subject I've seen these folks build wood and composite structures as
testbeds for their projects - pretty crude looking compared to a KR. 
I've seen KR-sized firewalls with an electric motor mounted.  How much
further along they would be with an already flying plane like your KR! 
Harbour Air in BC has converted one of their Beavers for commercial
operations and plan to convert the rest of their fleet.  A Caravan was
recently electrified 

and huge strides are being made in Europe, China, here in the US and
surely many other places.  Tesla recently bought Maxwell who itself is
involved in development of electric aircraft so Tesla is obviously
involved in this enterprise as they are in so many others.  Musk moving
to the U.S. was surely a huge loss for South Africa, but oh well.  If it
wasn't for their communist and thoroughly corrupt ANC government he might
have stayed.

Anyway, this direction towards electric flight is not hard to understand
when you see an 80 HP motor that weighs 20 pounds and doesn't need
overhaul until 10 thousand hours.  Lots of homegrown individuals with
electrical skills are putting together these motors with controllers,
batteries, and monitoring panels - mostly on ultralight/LSA sized
airframes at this point.  Clearly there's a mad dash going on to develop
higher energy density/lighter batteries.  Musk is shooting for
400wh/kilogram within 5 years but with so much effort going into this
project, breakthroughs will likely arrive much sooner.  It's a really
interesting subject and one the upper atmosphere sorely needs since at
current rates carbon emissions from airliners are scheduled to double by
2050.  Here's a media overview of recent developments.


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