This is not strictly KR related but ties in a bit.  I don't have cable tv and network tv offers me almost nothing.  I've been watching a lot of YouTube, including some KR material.  The more I watch the more I have come to the following observation / realization.

I watch a lot of clips on "how things are made"  I tip my hat to engineers that identify a need, then imagine a solution to the need, (i.e., machines to make things), then design the machinery to fill that need (make a product).  Going a step further,  who designs the machines that make the machines that make things and who designed them.  Castings and lathes that weight in the thousands of tons, other machines that handle material the size of a human hair.

I tip my hat to all the engineers on the net for their efforts in study and their ability to do these kinds of things.  It's all beyond my comprehension.

Larry Flesner

Southern Illinois

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