On 6/19/2020 6:49 PM, Luis Claudio wrote:
I am thinking of changing my KR's designation to KR2S-RV since it has a lot of RV parts and modifications.

Luis R Claudio, KR2S N8981S Dallas, Texas


I think there are a lot of "cross model relationships" going on in the shop after we turn off the lights for the night.  Jeff Scott and I are both using RV pressure recovery wheel pants, I'm using an electric AH from an RV6A, instruments from a Cessna 150, engine from a 150, Cessna flap motor to actuate speed brake, and more.  But then I also have metal from a lawn chair as foot pads on the right side rudder pedals, a foam covered piece of mop handle for the throttle grip, rod end bearings from a large Xerox copier for the gull wing door hinge, rubber stoppers from the hardware store to shock mount the instrument panel, gas spring off my pickup truck topper for gull wing door, plastic globe material from a candy machine for strobe covers, and who knows what else. Airplane parts are where you find them.  I guess I ought to take photos of all that to document it.

Larry Flesner

Southern Illinois

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