On 7/27/2021 8:24 AM, Flesner wrote:
I have no scientific proof that it works but I'm a believer.  It also keeps my plugs running clean of lead deposits.

As always, YRMV.................

Larry Flesner


Several friends of mine are partners in an RV7A that sees very little flight time.  At approx 300 hours on a new 0-360 engine it started running rough on startup, one sign of sticky valves.  They got carried away discussing the pulling of all four cylinders and sending off for repair.  I talked them in to putting a quart of MMO in the crank case and running the engine for several hours. The engine has not seen a wrench since that time and is running fine.

My two engines were run 200 to 400 hours past recommended TBO without a problem before they saw wrenches.  This is not a paid endorsement. 😁

Larry Flesner
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