I think Langford is on his way back home after doing the Oshkosh seminar, 
spreading the word about KRs to the general public and to builders alike. I 
thank him for that.

Because he's busy, I'll remind all of us here on the KRNet list that we have 
archives to search for information previously discussed on the list. Like 
Marvel mystery oil...

-Search recent KRnet Archives at  

-Search John Bouyea's decades of archive at 


The question was;

>   where valves didn’t stick and didn’t have any problems with valves and I 
> think it was marvels mystery oil and I do not remember what his recipe was


Flesner's response this morning is pretty similar to what he has written in the 

"MMO recommends 4 oz to 10 gallon of fuel  but I run 4 oz to 5 gallon of fuel 
and a pint in the crankcase at oil change time.

Searching the archive points out that Mark Langford uses (or at least used in 
the past) MMO too.


This isn’t to nag but just to help everyone learn the incredible depth of KR 
knowledge available in the archives. Mark might add, in the past newsletters as 

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