On 7/29/2021 5:17 PM, ROB SCHMITT via KRnet wrote:
My plane will be presented this Saturday at 1 pm at the Home Builders review 
regarding “affordable aircraft”. If you are at Oshkosh please stop by.  The KRs 
are in row 370 if you have not found them yet.

Lots of fun being had here at Oshkosh!

Rob Schmitt



Thanks for the update and all your hard work at AirVenture , to the KR fliers for bringing their KR's to the event, and Mark for the forum.  When your turn comes , don't forget to remind everyone, including Charlie Becker, that the KR will be 50 years old next year and should get special attention.  Also remind them that Ken and Stu were the first to introduce composites in to experimental aviation before Rutan and the Vari-eze came along, several years later.  Strike while the iron is hot..............

I would have enjoyed making the trip but I don't have the same stamina I did at 75. 😁  See you at the Gathering.

Larry Flesner
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