KR Oshkosh 2021

4 KRs flew in to Oshkosh this year. Mike Sylvester, Mark Langford, Chris Price 
and Rob Schmitt. Two are still hear as of Thursday evening. Mike and Mark flew 
home on Tuesday morning. The forum on Monday presented by Mark Langford was 
well attended, per usual we met at the planes afterward and answered  

We are definitely getting attention in the Homebuilt community here. 
Chris Price was asked to present his aircraft today at the Homebuilders Review. 
He got to do a question and answer session on Corvair powered aircraft with 
William Wynn and the owner of the twin Jag, a twin engine RV type with corvair 
engines. The Session was moderated by Charlie Becker, head of Home Builder 
operations for the EAA.

My plane will be presented this Saturday at 1 pm at the Home Builders review 
regarding “affordable aircraft”. If you are at Oshkosh please stop by.  The KRs 
are in row 370 if you have not found them yet.

Lots of fun being had here at Oshkosh!

Rob Schmitt

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