This year's patch that you get at Homebuilder's HQ registration has an outline of a Sonerai, and "Sonerai 50th Anniversary"and a Sonerai embroidered on it. We should shoot for something similar for the KRs. See enclosed image of the patch....

Mark Langford


Any 50th celebration that happens next year would not be complete without Dan Diehl or Jeanette Rand's participation.  Doesn't EAA have one of Ken's KR's in the museum?  The KR1 I'm thinking or was that just a dream I had.

I looked everywhere for my gear leg templet and came up empty.  I have an image in my head that I'm unable to share.  It was made of cereal box cardboard and folded in three places using tape for hinges.  I did however come across my 1981 copy of the Wick's catalog if anyone needs info from that issue.  I also found a very nicely hand crafted thank you note from a gentleman from Indiana, USA thanking me for giving him his first ride / exposure to the KR back in 2006.  The people we've met and the friends we've made over the years that the KR has made possible is priceless. Speaking of KR friends, is "Video Bob" and his sidekick Terry still on the net and doing well?  Calling Video Bob, Calling Video Bob...................

I took a couple of photos of my gear legs, for what they are worth, but they don't really tell you much.  I used the 30" Diehl legs, added approx 1/8" of glass, added foam to  lead edge and trail edge to streamline, added two layers of KR glass, then removed the foam under the lead edge and ran the brake line down the leg to the brake.

If you want to judge the amount of flex on these legs at approx 1050 pounds in takeoff and landing, go to

Larry Flesner

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