Why would anyone say you can't trim out a KR2?

My Kr2 can be trimmed out just fine and easily with a simple spring balance 
trim mechanism and it is also Dynamically stable in pitch as any other aircraft 
on the forward C of G limit. The aircraft only becomes neutrally stable in 
pitch at 6 inches aft and divergent beyond that. All quite normal.

I rest my arm on my leg or just fly the aircraft with my legs if my hands are 
busy map folding or I'm eating lunch. If the aircraft is in good trim but gets 
disturbed a little with turbulence, I can return the aircraft to level flight 
by moving my hands around the cockpit. If I lean forward, the nose goes down, 
if I put my hands behind my head, the nose lifts. Having the pilots weight as 
such a large percentage of the aircrafts MAUW means you can do this.

But normally the aircraft is so stable, I don't touch the controls much. To 
climb - add power, to descend - lower the power. You can steer and use 
secondary effect of rudder to turn and bank the aircraft. I have a short 
control column. You move it at slow speeds such as take off and landing, but at 
cruise speeds you just apply pressure to direct the aircraft where you want it 
to go. I haven't got flaps or speed brakes, I just use the propeller as a drag 
device. I don't have an idle setting, I can stop the engine simply by closing 
the throttle. But in the air, the prop windmills with the throttle fully closed 
and creates sufficient drag to reduce speeds back to approach speed easily with 
a 500+ feet decent rate. My plane is totally stock.

The people who continually question the design of the aircraft either haven't 
got theirs set up right or haven't finished building or are just as persistent 
about raising this subject as I am bored of defending the delightful flight 

Watch this again if you want to see how little you move the control column.


Colin H.

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