You could jump through all kinds of hoops to fix the fuel leaks.  If it was 
mine, I would throw the gasket away and put the transducer back onto the tank 
bedded in a bead of ProSeal.  Seal each of the bolts with ProSeal as well, 
including the one with the stripped threads.  Proseal will bond the transducer 
to the mounting plate and will make a fuel tight seal.  ProSeal sets as a 
rubber like compound, so you can get the transducer back out by cutting with a 
putty knife should you ever need to do so.  I use a 3M product available 
through SkyGeek that is about 1/3 the cost of ProSeal, but is chemically the 
same.  I strongly recommend prepping the surfaces before bonding by cleaning 
and scuffing lightly with sandpaper.  When working with aluminum, acid etch the 
aluminum before sealing.  I have used ProSeal to seal both aluminum and 
composite tanks as it will stick to any properly prepared surface.

-Jeff Scott
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