Awesome, one last question then.

Is there any way to create a direct link that I can click on that takes me 
straight to my Cyberbot project, with the auto-refresh set to 5s, and time 
period set to the last hour?

When I hit refresh on my browser, I have to click back through to the project.

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On 20/09/16 23:55, Maximilian Doerr wrote:
> So how do I create a dashboard on this Grafana with my project on it?

The dashboard is now available on
and knows about all labs projects having the Diamond collector.

Click Home in the top menu bar. That opens a search box that also list all 
available dashboards.

Look for "Labs Project Board" and click it.

You land at:

You will see two drop down:

  Project: cvn    Servers: All

The dashboard default to the "cvn" labs project. Switch to your project and you 
will get an aggregate view of Load/Memory/CPU.

The rows below are for each of the servers. Click on a server name and the row 
will expand.

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