Hello fellow Arachneans,

I'm coming to London for a few days next July. I have a number of things I
want to squeeze in, but I thought it might be fun to have an informal
gathering of the close-to-or-within-London members of Arachne since I
expect there are lots of lace groups in the immediate environs of London.
It would be so interesting to meet people you know only through Arachne,
and maybe nice to make lace with a different collection of folks for
variety. I expect there's a lacemaker in London who knows of a church hall
we could meet in for a few hours one afternoon.

If those of you in the catchment area of the above proposal feel you pretty
much  all know each other, then don't mind me!  Here in the US, we are
thinner on the ground, and as a result know more people from further away I
think, whereas I though Arachneans from lace groups on the other side of
London might not necessarily know each other.

The other possibility is that, if there are only two or three interested
Arachneans in London, and you would like to come up to my dorm room (I'm
staying in the new hall in Imperial College London), we can have nibbles
and drinks, or drinks and make lace, or just make lace--your choice.

So who's out there?  Lurkers, present yourselves!!  Anybody in the London
area interested?

Nancy Neff
Connecticut, USA

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