Yes, I do mean the bookmark exchange.   I made and sent my exchange piece of
lace on its way at the end of April and me and my swap partner waited but it
seems to have gone to mars or something and never made it to its end
destination, so in recent weeks I completed a very different type of lace
using one of Lins rpl patterns which I had been playing with for some time and it went off about 3 weeks ago and I just heard from the lady that it arrived.
I am so pleased it made it as I was very disappointment that she didn’t
receive the original one. Her piece to me had been here for some time and is
very beautiful and this is the first time in any of the swaps I have taken
part in where one had gone missing. So the one on the website never made it
and the new one is a colourful tulip.
I hope everyone else received their exchanges after everyones hard work.
Sue T
Dorset UK

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