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, whereas later books like Catherine Barley’s 1993 and Pat
Earnshaw’s Needlelace, Merehurst Embroidery Skills book, 1992, relied more
heavily, even in contemporary work, on the buttonhole stitch, be it corded,
twisted, or multiply twisted. 

Surely ALL needlelace is worked by the execution  of the simple buttonhole 
stitch.  if not, what other stich is used to work examples of Ros Hills, 
Contemporary needlelace, Bath's needlelace, or antique laces such as Point de 
Gaze, Hollie Point, Burano, Halas, Alencon, Youghal, Boris etc - they are all 
made with variations of either grouping, twisting, voiding etc on a simple 
Buttonhole stitch!  Which stitch did Ros Hills, Jill Nordfors Clark and 
Virginia Churchill Bath use if wasn't the simple Buttonhole stitch I wonder?

Catherine Barley

Catherine Barley Needlelace
www.catherine barley.com

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