I have had fun playing with simple finger looping in the past, but have not
dabbled in the more complex 'recipes' so I am in no position to say for
sure whether or not those braids are finger looping and the patterns do not
appear in either of the books I have. Jean has done far more finger looping
than I have, but she is away from home at the moment so is not in a
position to look at her samples.

I've been puzzled for a while by the prevalence of  finger looping - on the
face of it is an unlikely technique to have developed. Why decide to put
loops on your fingers instead of manipulating individual threads? Could
these braids be a form of plaiting? (cf Devon's giant plaits introduced a
few years back). We each need another lifetime to experiment with such

On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 4:41 AM, Kim Davis <k...@wirelace.net> wrote:

> Gil and Jean, please correct me if you know differently, but I do not
> believe this is loop braiding.  I do not recognize the interlacing or color
> configurations as possible with orthodox braids from this technique.
> Kim

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