Hi Fellow Arachnids,

Firstly, thank you Jeri for all you do for the Lace community and that despite
being frustrated by the system you keep on helping us. Your email has com
through to me ok. I looked at that wonderful shirt yesterday. Being a medieval
re-enactor as well as a lace maker I was doubly interested.

Secondly, my thanks to Liz for hosting the program AND PAYING for it all these
years. I have sent an donation towards the costs, but that was several years
ago. It would be nice if more people could see their way to doing that.

Lastly, my thanks to Avital for keeping us on the straight and narrow with our
emails. Yes, I am sorry to say that she has had to rap my knuckles a couple of
times. I have cut severely this time and I hope that despite minimal lace
content this missive is allowed.

Joepie, East Sussex, UK, where the weather looks lovely and sunny.

PS. I am just on my way to Triangle Lace Club in Eastbourne for about 4 hours.
Lovely group meeting every even numbered month on the second Saturday (10.00
to 14.00 hrs).  J.


 .  Liz has been very generous in
providing a server to us.  Perhaps we should consider how we can update
dinosaur-era computer programming ?  Do we have a volunteer programmer and
someone with a server to share that we could transition to, and could our
existing files be kept intact ?

Jeri Ames in Maine USA

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