Hi Janice

I too will be opting for the paper version as I prefer being able to pick it up 
and read at my leisure, rather than go to my laptop to access it.  I did try 
the digital version with another lace group but like yourself, couldn't be 
bothered with having to go through the process of accessing it through the 
computer each time I wanted to read it.  I'm in the UK so haven't actually 
received my copy yet.  Can't help you with the Google account I'm afraid, as 
I'm far too long in the tooth to comprehend and keep up with all this modern 
technology, most of which I have no use for anyway!

Catherine Barley UK
Where we're experiencing very hot and humid weather at the moment - far too 
oppressive for me!
Catherine Barley Needlelace

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>From : jbl...@sbcglobal.net

As the list seems to be quiet, my last digest was #68 on July 1, and I know I 
sent a lengthy email about convention hoping it might kick out a new digest, I 
decided to write about the IOLI increasing the dues to cover mailing and 
printing costs of the magazine and the new digital version at lower cost.

Can anyone answer my question on a Google Account, and what do others think of 
this new version?

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