Busy knitting lace...I've just finished one lace shawl which I'll wear to my birthday party on Saturday, and started another. I'm enjoying my copy of Lace, too, but don't think I've got time to make a lace poppy before Remembrance Day. My lace pillow only comes out for high days and holidays since I went back to work full time...

It's my birthday today and I received a lovely surprise present from two (non-lacemaking) friends: a copy of Santina Levy's Lace - A History, beautifully presented in a card slipcase. The parcel arrived a couple of days ago and I've been wondering whatever could be in such a heavy box. I remember coveting this book when it first came out, but couldn't afford it then, it's so nice to have been given it for a special birthday.

Is everyone else busy making lace? Or just busy?


Cheshire, NW England, where we've had a beautiful sunny day but cloud/rain returned by home time. Not one but 2 herons fishing along the river behind the office this morning, though, so definitely a good day

Janice wrote:
It is 6 days since I received a digest.  Is everyone busy making lace? <snip>
What are you all doing?Janice Janice Blair Murrieta, CA, jblace.com

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