I enjoyed reading both of these, different but lovely:) I am stunned that I completed all my Christmas pieces from a very later start for me and by the end of October. I am going to make a spare one, just in case I want to give a small gift to someone else in the near future and it can sit in my box. I have also decided to make another piece, this one with some beads on if I have enough to do it right now to while away my evenings over the next week. I am waiting for some gold thread my husband suggested something to go round our 2 led candles, so will see if I can pull something off in the next few weeks. My latest poppy is now ready to go on my clothing. Someone told me to put gold in the centre which I did but during the year I removed that one for my memorial flowers and have now replaced it with the conventional black centre and I have to say it looks absolutely right now. Janice, if I can get a decent photo of my memorial flowers I will send you a pic, many of the petals were done using your pattern (thank you so much for that). I now have them sitting in a glass vessel with a top on to keep the bugs at bay. I love it and can see it every day. Happy Birthday Beth. I do see Herons around the various water ways local, though not often we seem to be feeding approx 40 Goldfinches daily with the feeders we put up in March when we had some nasty weather. Started off seeing 5 so the word has got round, lol, they keep me entertained while I am washing dishes.
Sue T
Dorset UK

Busy knitting lace...I've just finished one lace shawl which I'll wear
to my birthday party on Saturday, and started another. I'm enjoying my
copy of Lace, too, but don't think I've got time to make a lace poppy
before Remembrance Day. My lace pillow only comes out for high days and
holidays since I went back to work full time...

Janice wrote:
It is 6 days since I received a digest.  Is everyone busy making lace? <snip> What are you all doing?Janice Janice Blair Murrieta, CA, jblace.com

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