Hi, I'm a noob to LDAP and LAM. I'm doing a learning project to setup
LDAP on a Debian Jessie system, and then I was going to try
authenticating against it from another Debian laptop. I installed
something called "slapd" from Jessie main, and then I heard about LAM,
so I installed that from Jessie main as well. I started following the
PDF LAM manual I found online. I figured out to set the master password,
how to create a profile, and then how to set the password for that
profile. But I cannot figure out how to login as the "Manager", which is
presumably what you I to do to actually manage the user accounts. All
the passwords I've created so far, as well as the default "lam"
password, do not seem to work.

My PGP public key ID is 0x340EA95A (pgp.mit.edu).

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