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On 17.09.2016 20:16, Christopher Howard wrote:
> Hi, I'm a noob to LDAP and LAM. I'm doing a learning project to setup
> LDAP on a Debian Jessie system, and then I was going to try
> authenticating against it from another Debian laptop. I installed
> something called "slapd" from Jessie main, and then I heard about LAM,
> so I installed that from Jessie main as well. I started following the
> PDF LAM manual I found online. I figured out to set the master password,
> how to create a profile, and then how to set the password for that
> profile. But I cannot figure out how to login as the "Manager", which is
> presumably what you I to do to actually manage the user accounts. All
> the passwords I've created so far, as well as the default "lam"
> password, do not seem to work.

for Debian the admin account starts with cn=admin by default. Search for
"olcRootDN" in a file like this:


The password is set when you install slapd.

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