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> I. The language itself
> The proponents of the project have convinced me that Montenegrin is 
> comparable as a language standard to Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian.

How have they convinced you? Where are the pages of paradigms? 

> Conclusion
> Several people have said to me that Montenegrin is more similar to other 
> Serbo-Croatian varieties than US and UK English are to each other; would I 
> insist on separate projects if they happened to have separate language codes? 
> No, I wouldn't. But that's because on the whole, the various English-speaking 
> communities around the world do manage to co-exist with each other quite 
> well—and tend to blunt each other's excesses a bit, too. Sadly, that's not 
> the case here.

So you want us to enable their divisions?

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