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The second part will introduce:

  * GUI environment. Dropping components on a form and arrange them.
    Changing properties.

Thanks to RAD, creating a GUI is extremely simple in Lazarus (any of the students you described can learn to create a simple GUI in just some minutes). It's a lot more fun to test your code in the GUI you created yourself.

So I would begin the lessons with "creating a simple GUI".

Here you would teach to create a program ("application" in Lazarus speak) that shows a Button. No code at all needs to be written and you can start it and happily see your GUI.

Then doubleclick the button in the GUI designer and Lazarus will write (and install) an event handler function for you.

Now you can do your first line of code:

Caption := 'Hello World';

(You even don't need to write Caption := as Lazarus autocompletes the code if desired.)

Now press F9 and Lazarus compiles and starts your program and you can click the Button and see the result.

I thinks this start will make the students most happy, as they are rewarded by instant success.


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