Il 13/10/2016 16:48, Reimar Grabowski via Lazarus ha scritto:

If you want modern, teach them Java and let the programs run on their phones or 
keep doing console programs and do the GUI in JS (aka web applications). ^^

I find very unlikely that civil, environmental and bio engineers will find of any use learning how to write program for their phones, or for developing web applications. On the contrary they may need to develop typical computer applications, where a traditional programming language provides the required efficiency, and RAD can be very important bonus, to get it quickly done.

I have always found that following no matter what the most "modern" technology is totally wrong and misleading. One should be aware of what is available, of course, but then one should always select the most "appropriate" technology, and not be influenced by what is "modern".

Tombstones are still made of stone, a stone age technology, just because it still turns out to be the most appropriate technology to cover a grave.


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