On 2018-05-17 12:20, John Landmesser via Lazarus wrote:
> To improve that i developed TSortGrid, derived from TStringGrid, but
> capable of sorting Integer, Float, Date, Time, String and show up- and
> down- Arrows in Titlebar.

That sounds like a very useful addition. Thanks for your effort and sharing.

> https://github.com/JohnML1/SortGrid.git
> .. see demo-Folder
> is that a candidate for ccr and can i get access to it?

CCR is for community developed and maintained components, so I'm sure
your component would be welcomed.

Just to let you know, Lazarus-CCR also has a Git section, so you can
always import your existing repository into Lazarus-CCR keeping any
development history in tact. Just let the maintainers/admin people or
Lazarus-CCR know where you want to place your code.


I've been contributing to the "dcpcrypt" git repository there.


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