Am 17.05.2018 um 17:40 schrieb Joost van der Sluis via Lazarus:
Op 17-05-18 om 13:20 schreef John Landmesser via Lazarus
TStringGrid sorts everything as string!

To improve that i developed TSortGrid, derived from TStringGrid, but capable of sorting Integer, Float, Date, Time, String and show up- and down- Arrows in Titlebar.


.. see demo-Folder

is that a candidate for ccr and can i get access to it?

You can also distribute it with Fppkg. The project is already on github, adding it to the Lazarus-CCR does not add much value.

If you create an fpmake.pp file for it and send me the archive for it. (fppkg archive) then I'll add it to the testing-repository. (btw: you also may do this yourself, but for that you need an account and some help.)



Hi Joost,

just discovered "online package manager"

it gets the packages from

This online package manager is a great tool and this location seems to be the right place?

Howto upload to this URL?

p.s. never created a fpmake.pp :-(

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