>> Is it right that I need HFS+ formated network location to preserve the 
>> permissions and other meta-data?
> Yes. I would highly recommend backing up to an HFS+ file system. This file 
> system may be within a disk image or a partition. If you backup to a disk 
> image then there is a post hook script bundled with LBackup for synchronizing 
> a sparse bundle disk image to multiple servers via the network (these systems 
> may be running a variety of operating systems including Debian and Mac OS X. 
> The advantage of backing up to a disk image is that this may be stored on non 
> HFS+ formatted file systems. 

If you would prefer to backup to a different file system then as long as it is 
capable of preserving the meta-data you require it should be fine. 

My recommendation is setup a test backup and then restore the your data. If you 
have the required meta-data this is a good first step. 

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