>> For example I've read that CCC can't backup /private/var/spool (mail 
>> service) data.
> I am assuming you are running Mac OS X server. Would you please confirm that 
> this assumption is correct.

<snippety snip snip>

> If you are running Mac OS X Server, which version are you running? If you are 
> running Mac OS 10.6, I believe that dovecot is the default mail application. 
> I am not sure how dovecot is configured on Mac OS 10.6 server. However, it is 
> possible (I have done this) to configure Dovecot on a GNU/LINUX system to 
> store mail using the MailDir format. This means that each message is stored 
> as a separate file. There are various trade offs to consider with regards 
> mail message storage formats. One great advantage of using Maildir format is 
> that the backup of your mail directories with an rsync based tool is greatly 
> simplified. Another advantage is that restoring individual messages is also 
> simplified.

If you are running on a version of Mac OS X Server prior to 10.6, then you may 
find this link to "mailbfr" from a recent post to the Mac OS X mailing list 
helpful :http://osx.topicdesk.com/content/view/41/57/

Once you have a static copy of your mail database and settings then backing up 
this static copy should not be a problem. If you require further assistance 
then let me know.

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