> /Users/Johnno       <want to back up this users Doc music pictures and
> downloads nothing else
> /users/Test.            < nothing for thus user

Sorry, there were four paths you mentioned

 (1) /Users/Johnno/Documents
 (2) /Users/Johnno/Music
 (3) /Users/Johnno/Pictures
 (4) /Users/Johnno/Downloads

If this is correct then the following excludes file should work if you specify 
"/" as the source for the backup. Essentially, this will backup just the four 
directories specified above.

+ Users
+ Users/Johnno
+ Users/Johnno/Documents/***
+ Users/Johnno/Music/***
+ Users/Johnno/Pictures/***
+ Users/Johnno/Downloads/***
- *

Please see the previous post for further details. Hopefully this this will 
provide the results you are seeking?

Keep in touch.

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