> Worked Perfectly 
> Thanks 

That is great news!

One other approach would be to make the Users home directory the source of the 
backup, with the following line within the configuration file : 


Then you could use the following excludes file :

+ Johnno
+ Johnno/Documents/***
+ Johnno/Music/***
+ Johnno/Pictures/***
+ Johnno/Downloads/***
- *

If you had multiple users who you wanted to back up these directories for then 
you could specify the following source :


With the wither of the following excludes should work : 

+ Users/Johnno
+ Users/Bobby
+ Users/Brian
+ Users/*/Documents/***
+ Users/*/Music/***
+ Users/*/Pictures/***
+ Users/*/Downloads/***
- *

> however 
> i copied the information from the web page
> http://www.lbackup.org/full_system_backup
> and i think this is what stuffed me, maybe some changes to the website to 
> prevent future confusion
> unless iv completely read the page wrong  

Any suggestions or improvements to the online documentation is very welcome. 
The site is open for improvements by everyone.

Please vist the following URL if you would like to contribute to the 
documentation : 

Also, if you have any questions regarding contributing or using LBackup then 
simply reply to this email =:^)

Hopefully, this is helpful.

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