> I've managed to setup a test daily backup with Cronnix, it is OK if
> the backup machine needs to be on all the time. I just prefer a
> solution where the computer can sleep till awakened for a scheduled
> backup job.

Okay, great. If you want to backup once per day then I would suggest using 
Anacron. As listed in the LBackup documentation, there exists an Anacron OS X 
installer package :

I have some experience with setting up Anacron. As such, if you get stuck then 
let me know and I will do my best to assist (particularly if there is limited 
support for the project directly). It can be a great option for machines which 
are left off for many days and you want them to perform a backup once per day 
when ever the machine is switched on. 

With regards setting up schedules. Using the Energy Saver (system preferences) 
on OS X it is possible schedule wake and startup times. If you wanted your 
machine to sleep once the backup has completed this could be enabled using a 
post action script.

> I also successfully the post-action script example you provided with
> my test daily backups to create timestamped links to the backups.


> As for the metadata, I just want to keep the backed up files
> relatively OS neutral. Are there things known to break disastrously if
> the ACLs or metadata are not backed up correctly?

This really depends upon your requirements. As a basic test, I would suggest 
that you restore some files (copy them out of the backup) and make sure that 
they are usable. The online LBackup documentation has further information about 
various restore methods.

Should you have any further questions or require assistance with setting up 
Anacron, then let me know. Also, you may find that using launchd is an option 
to run the backup once per day. There are a number of GUI launchd editors 
available if this helps.

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