>> There's a dead simple to use alternative: sendemail 
>> (http://caspian.dotconf.net/menu/Software/SendEmail/).
>> It's perl-based but requires no other modules, hence runs off the
>> cuff. It supports everything required by lbackup including attaching files, 
>> yet in a simpler way (e.g. no need to base64-encode attachments "manually").

> Many modern operating systems have a sendmail (or compatible mail system such 
> as postfix / exim) pre-installed. Many if they do not have such a system 
> pre-installed offer an easy way to install and configure the email system. If 
> the custom mail template option is sufficient and you managed to get 
> sendemail working then that is great. Please consider contributing your email 
> template scripts to the LBackup project and user community.
> As previously mentioned any contributions to enable sendemail support 
> directly from lmail would be most warmly welcomed.
> I trust that everything with your LBackup installation is working well. 
> LBackup monitoring and reporting options extend well beyond just email 
> reporting. If you are configuring multiple backups on a system then I would 
> suggest having a look at the following link, which provides information 
> regarding the monitoring of multiple backups. This aspect of LBackup is still 
> under development and as such contributions to this aspect of the LBackup 
> project are also warmly welcomed : 
> http://www.lbackup.org/monitoring_multiple_backup_logs

Just touching base with you again regarding the use of SendEmail with LBackup. 
I wish to let you know that the latest alpha revision of LBackup 
0.8.8r5-alpha11 includes basic support for using SendEmail to provide summary 
reports from a server. You could of course use other approaches to the delivery 
of the summary reports. However, the examples provided are using SendEmail and 
this is because of your initial message. I have looked at adding options in 
lmail to use SendEmail rather than sendmail. However, at this time it has yet 
to be implemented. If you do have patches to provide the options then please 
forward these over to me via email or create a pull request via GitHub.

In the mean time I wanted to thank you for pointing out SendMail as a possible 
approach to sending email reports / alerts. If no option is added to lmail I 
would at least like to see example email templates bundled with LBackup to make 
using SendEmail as easy as possible for LBackup users who prefer SendEmail as 
the email delivery method.

If you require any assistance with setting up reporting then please let me 
know. The basic example is available from the following URL : 

The advantage of using the multiple backup log monitoring scripts is that you 
gain the option to be informed when backups have not completed successfully for 
a certain threshold. You also have a complete summary of from a single server 
or multiple backup servers all in a single email rather than in multiple 
emails. Additional information is available from the following URL : 

Thanks again.

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