I am working on a contact information directory query page. Usually such
systems ask user to type the locality value and start a search, show
matching results. However the system that I am working on offer locality
as selection list, which is a collection of all possible values for
locality for all records. The reason to prefer a selection list then
traditional text input is because we are offering query system for
foreign countries where the users often misspell the locality names in a
foreign language and gets frustrated with 0 search results, and try
again and again... A selection list is much more useful for our users.

The question is how to generate the selection list for all existing
localities. There seems isn't an equivalent for SQL-style "select
distinct locality from directory" in OpenLDAP, and not seems to exist in
other directory server products (I only glanced over feature lists). How
would you do in such case?

Thanks for input in advance!

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