Hello List,  

My previous pentium IV motherboard running BUC 5.1.7 was randomly crashing, I 
had to use hard reset to start it again, and it would run fine, as long as 
there was no intense traffic, I guess... 
Since then I replaced it with another one running BUC 5.2.5, as one can 
probably tell from my dhcpcd/dnsmasq adventure in my previous e-mails to the 

This made me wonder how the watchdog timer was working on BUC.  I think Erich 
Titl mentioned in some previous mail that the software watchdog was writing to 
/dev/watchdog every 10 seconds to prevent a system reboot/reset. This prevents 
software lockups but does not cover hardware problems like the one I 
experienced with my sick mobo. Obviously if the CPU is not running you’re 
hanged :-) .

Has anybody ever worked on an external hardware watchdog reset timer that would 
do such a hardware reset ? 



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