On 09/16/2016 06:23 AM, John Crispin wrote:
> On 15/09/2016 22:41, Alberto Bursi wrote:
>> Note that I'm not talking about the wiki. That was not a major issue as
>> being a separate thing it can be set up unofficially, or whatever.
>> I am just arguing about principles here, as I'm spotting a possibly bad
>> pattern where the same bad practices of OpenWRT can bite again.
> i am spotting that you are missing the point. i agree that your thread
> of argumentation was valid fro owrt. things were often not possible
> without the approval of the grandmaster. here things are different. we
> dished out commit access to lots of people. opened up the comms, became
> very transparent and after you guys started a discussion on how the wiki
> should go we did not intervene but simply endorsed it. this is very far
> from the old pattern of modus operandi. however your call for strong
> leadership and guidance sounds like a wish to return to that which i
> think most people do not want to do. you are free to do as you please.
> if you need something from other community members simply ask and you
> will get an answer.

1. I'm not advocating for a Third LEDE Reich so please stop thinking I 
am lol.

2. I'm not talking of just the wiki, the answers I got from that 
discussion did trigger this.

jow said "don't hold back yourself waiting for a response from "the LEDE 
devs" -

those who care about a wiki will likely endorse whatever good solution
is proposed and the rest either has no opinion or time to participate in
the decision making processes"

I was just pointing out that for people this isn't obvious, and that getting 
any answer isn't a given.

To make some examples, I posted some weeks back asking things and making 
a proposal about kirkwoods, I got no answer.
I also sent a mail to Felix I think as I saw he seemed interested in 
Kirkwoods in the last meeting logs, still no answer.
There is a guy that posted a big pull request about Mikrotik devices and 
after he fixed all stuff you asked him he got no answer for like a month 
even after he asked if you had forgotten him. I mean how about posting 
something like "we are busy, it will be merged next month"?
I open a pull request to fix something about kirkwoods, someone assigns 
it to himself, but then no answers or status updates for two weeks.
Then there are other guys in this mailing lists that seem to have had 
issues with this lack of people answering too, like fhfredi...@gmail.com.


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