On 09/16/2016 06:25 AM, John Crispin wrote:
> On 15/09/2016 22:50, Alberto Bursi wrote:
>> I said that for that it's better a "talk/discussion" page on a wiki,
>> because a forum needs more time investment than a wiki to be done right
>> and should be treated as its own project with its own volunteers and so
>> on, not as an appendage of the wiki.
> why does it need more time ? i would have expected it to be the other
> way round as a forum is useful even with little traffic while a wiki
> only makes sense when handling lots of content
Because a wiki is mostly an affair people goes and reads to do stuff on 
their own, while a forum requires constant interaction with people.

Once the wiki is fixed, maintaining it will be relatively fast unless 
you make big sweeping changes to LEDE every day.

I already said above that just making a forum and letting it run on its 
own like the OpenWRT forum will not be good.
Really, a LEDE forum isn't for posting funny cat pics and memes, most 
people will post there somewhat technical questions, and this means we 
should plan to have some volunteer that answers them (even if just with 
a link to the wiki or FAQ or whatever) and also does mod duties.
The general hope is to kick-start the forum community so eventually 
there will be other users in forum that answer questions, but if you 
just open the forum people will ask, not get answers, go away, and no 
community will form there.


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