On 2018-02-02 13:17, Denis Periša wrote:
Anyhow, I managed to do it.
I booted new LEDE iniramfs kernel..
Then did ubiformat, ubiattach, ubimkvol on mtd6 ONLY, I labeled it "rootfs"
mounted it, transfered rootfs.tar.gz and extracted..
then booted initramfs kernel of old openwrt and formatted mtd5 ONLY
and only block device like mtd erase kernel
then I mounted kernel mtdblock5 , transfered -lzma.elf kernel and rebooted.
viola, boots with lot of nand errors, but I see it working good.

so .. if I could help someone.. here it is.!
I hope there can be some nand error checking in sysupgrade!
sysupgrade says it flashed success but bootloader says there is no kernel.
Other device - no problem.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 1:04 PM, Denis Periša <de...@denis.in> wrote:
Thank you for the information.

I have 2 identical (very old) Mikrotik RB2011 devices which have run unaltered for many years but are now flashed to OpenWrt for another purpose.

1 of the devices showed the same behaviour you described.
I will definitely try this on the broken device.

Thanks for taking the effort to share this!


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