On 13/02/2018 09:05, Mark Thurman wrote:
If I change the periodic transaction block from `Monthly in 2018/02` to `Monthly` it works as I expect. I plan to revisit and tweak my budget every month but later I wanted to go back and say "did I meet my budget for February" so I wanted to keep the budget I used for 02/18 around in my ledger rather than having a single `Monthly` block that I adjust every month.

Is there a better way for me to set those transactions up?

I haven't tried your example, but what about:

~ Monthly since 2018/02/01 until 2018/02/28

(The end might have to be 2018/03/01, I don't remember if intervals are

In my experience, using since/until is the most reliable way to define
budgets within a bounded time period.



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