On 18.02.18,10:26, Scott Carpenter wrote:
> Trying to use --collapse and it comes up empty on this data set:
> 2017/11/01 food and stuff
>     e: food: groceries
>     e: home: stuff: in                      $10
>     l: credit card: mega                    $-32.87
> 2017/12/05 food and stuff
>     e: food: groceries
>     a: checking out                         $-11.76
> 2018/01/03 gas n go
>     e: car: gas
>     e: car: maintenance                     $6.5
>     l: credit card: mega                    $-23.87
> 2018/01/05 food and stuff
>     e: food: groceries
>     l: credit card: mega                    $-57.4
> Running: ledger -f <file> reg --collapse 
> (Wanting to run it with --yearly, but empty either way when --collapse is 
> added.)
> Works as expected with a larger "real" dataset.
> Any ideas or wisdom? Thank you!

It seems to work correctly with the bal and --collapse command, but not 
with reg and --collapse. 

Another similar thread from previously:


Can you check your ledgerrc settings, or copy one to ~ if you have no rc 



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