Grayson by a country mile - he always said he'd love to return and finish
the job - why not now? He did as well as any of the recent crop.  Stam would
be dull and boring and although I care not about his Man Utd links and  he
may save us from relegation, I'd "almost" prefer the drop with Grayson than
Stam at the helm. McLaren is a total has been and I really don't like him.
Monk would be my first choice but no chance of that - will we ever really
know under what circumstances he left? 

Looking at recent years, clubs have gone down with points total in the early
40s. At the moment, I can't see anything better than a draw especially
against stronger opposition as we have to face.  Avoiding relegation has
suddenly become the focus and that's not being over pessimistic. George
Graham would park the bus and make us hard to beat - anyone? Ha



So often we hear from new signings saying words like "When I heard Leeds
were interested it was a no brainer"  What must they be thinking now? I
wonder how many prospective signings have thought "Leeds? Do me a favour,  I
can do better than that"   I wish the very thought had passed through
Beradi's head. What a liability!




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